Foam Boat Blocks for Storage

As the colder weather approaches, many boats are removed from the waters for repairs and maintenance. This is where Universal Foam Products comes to help with their EPS Foam boat blocks. This customer located in Cardinal, VA along the Chesapeake Bay helps store and repair boats of all sizes. These particular two large catamarans weighed approximated 25,000 lbs and were raised off the ground with some 1.35 lb EPS blocks. The catamarans did not have keels and needed their weight distributed over a large surface area, rather than standard wood blocking.

The benefits of the EPS Foam boat blocks are their lightweight, and their capability to hold just about any size or shape boat. The EPS Foam will also not cause any additional damage or scratching to the underside of the boat. If you are a boat yard like this customer and are looking to raise some boats off the ground, reach out to Universal Foam Products for assistance.


Customer Projects

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