EPS Packaging & Shipping Solutions

You need a creative packaging design that’s cost-effective and shipping friendly. You’ve come to the right place.

Great looking packaging starts with eye-catching graphics, but it also needs to withstand the perils of shipping. Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is the perfect packaging material — lightweight, flexible, and strong enough to provide maximum protection for your valuable goods.

Custom Molded Shapes

The beauty of EPS is that it can be molded into almost any size or shape. Inside each block of EPS is your unique design waiting to come out. Universal Packaging can custom mold a shape that works for your packaging and shipping needs. Turnaround times are quick from concept to completed molds.

Molded Corners

When it comes to corners, we’ve got the market cornered. Universal Foam’s stock inventory of molded corners and angles covers the entire spectrum of sizes and shapes. If we don’t have the size or shape you’re looking for in our warehouse, Universal Foam can produce custom pieces for your needs.

EPS Industrial Noodles

EPS Industrial Noodles are the safest and most effective way to ship fragile, heavy and round objects. They offer several advantages over foam peanuts.

  • Where peanuts are loose packed in bags and take up a substantial amount of storage space, EPS Industrial Noodles are stored in tight rectangular “bricks” and when ready to use they expand to three times their stored volume.
  • Because of their shape and texture heavy objects shipped in foam peanuts will eventually settle to the bottom of the carton eliminating the initial protection afforded by the peanuts. EPS Industrial Noodles interlock and are more rigid, securing the shipped
  • Static electricity causes foam peanuts to create a mess every time you open a box where they are used. EPS Industrial Noodles remain in the box instead of sticking to everything as the carton is unpacked.