Expanded Polystyrene Sheets & Blocks

Expanded Polystyrene sheets or blocks (EPS) is one of the most versatile materials available. Some of its most common uses are packaging, construction, sculpting, floatation, refrigeration, signage and void fill.

EPS is available in master billets ranging in size from 30” x 48” x 96” all the way up to 50” x 70” x 290” depending upon geographic location. It is available in densities from less than 1 lb per cubic foot up to 3 lbs per cubic foot with a broad range of compression strengths.

The material can be cut into blocks as small as 1” cubes and sheets as thin as ¼” thick. Two dimensional shapes can be provided economically cut on 2D computerized hot wire cutters.

Pieces can be glued together and coated with a variety of different materials depending upon the desired effect. It can be shaped using hot knife or hot wire tools as well as band saws, hand saws, reciprocating saws, even electric carving knives.

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