• June 9, 2017
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The baseball season has just started but to make the most of training all year round, EPS (expanded polystyrene) can be invaluable. Its mix of lightness and strength means it is the ideal material for creating lightweight portable pitching mounds.

EPS foam for indoor pitching mounds

EPS foam can use to create pitching mounds for indoor and outdoor play. Indoors, the easy-to-move mound can mean a general sports area can be changed into a baseball pitch. The EPS foam can be shaped easily into the size of slope required and replicates all aspects of the pitching experience.

EPS in the baseball stadium

In a stadium, EPS (expanded polystyrene) plays its part to support the fans as well as the players. EPS foam is used in creating stadium seating where custom cut blocks and sheets of EPS foam are supplied as either a lightweight void fill or to aid concrete pouring. A system of blocks is designed, cut, numbered and supplied to site with layout plans for extremely easy site handling and laying out. Raised seating areas, auditoriums as well as sporting arenas and stadiums have all used EPS foam as an integral part of their stadium seating construction.

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