EPS Foam Blocks Used for Stacking Doors

01 Eps Packaging for Stacking Doors Univfoam
01 Eps Packaging for Stacking Doors Univfoam

EPS Foam blocks are a great source for packaging and can support all types of weight depending on the compressive strength needed. This customer was pre-installing hospital doors in there shop in Oakland, California for a hospital in Fresno California. They had to transport the doors for there was no laydown yard and no place to store the doors on-site.

The EPS Foam blocks were a 1.35 lb density 4” x 4” x 36” and could each support over 900 lbs with 1% deformation. These blocks in this application have numerous benefits including its lightweight, sturdiness, and the blocks can be cut easily to size. Additionally, the EPS Foam blocks do not scratch the doors. In the past, this customer was using 4x4 wood blocks which made the bundles much heavier and were damaging the doors during packaging and transport.

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