Foam Packaging for Shipping Art Work

Packaging for Shipping Art Work 1024x768
Packaging for Shipping Art Work 1024x768

How do you ship flat artwork and keep it from getting damaged?

To ship his flat prints, this artist in La Mesa, California uses 2 pieces of .9 lb density EPS 1” x 14” x 17” in a box properly sized for the art and foam. In his own words “So far it’s been the best method for being light-weight yet very protective.”

EPS is the most economical custom packaging available. It can be used in sheet form or precut to shapes fabricated with multiple layers glued together. Stock molded corner and angle pieces are also available. EPS packaging noodles, which are much different from packaging peanuts, are also available. They are ideal for shipping heavy irregular shaped objects because they will not allow the merchandise to settle in the box. Let Universal help you find a shipping solution for your business.


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