Replica of Buoy

Eps Foam Replica of Buoy 1024x682
Eps Foam Replica of Buoy 1024x682

Although EPS foam is used for flotation for docks and boats, this replica of a buoy in Key West Florida will probably never be in the water. It was carved from four blocks of nominal one-pound density EPS, that were glued together, for a child’s first birthday celebration. The buoy is a replica of the “Southernmost Point Buoy” located in Key West, Florida.

The creators used a saw to cut it, then a dry wall scrapper to smooth it out, then coated it with dry wall mud to make it smoother. Next a coat of red guard was brushed on to make it water tight. It was then painted with latex paint and stickers were applied.

The finished buoy is 5’ x 5’ x 6’ foot tall.


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