RC Obstacle Course From EPS Foam Blocks

Large Foam Blocks Rc Obstacle Course
Large Foam Blocks Rc Obstacle Course

This RC Hobby Shop in Amarillo, Texas used two blocks of nominal one pound density EPS 36” x 48” x 96” to create hills and obstacles for their customers to run RC cars and trucks over. They coated the EPS with polyurethane and painted it to resemble rocks and dirt. EPS is strong and easy to carve and shape with hand saws, rasps and sand paper. There are a variety of water based construction adhesives that can be used to attach pieces together and it can be painted with latex paint. EPS, which is often referred to as Stryrofoam, is used for everything from minerature train gardens to full scale theatrical props. It is lightweight, easy to carve, and can be finished to look like almost any material.


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