EPS Cylinders Used in a Project to Achieve More Miles per Gallon

Eps Cylinder Car
Eps Cylinder Car

An inventor from New York came up with this unusual, practical application using 4” diameter x 16” long, 2 lb density EPS cylinders cut in half and coated with water base epoxy to form a hard shell surface to better resist the elements and enable fastening (with high strength cable ties) on to particular rear suspension members of my 2008 Honda Ridgeline Pickup Truck to achieve improved miles per gallon by reducing the drag from the particular overly blunt surfaces.

Generally, it’s a custom fit “Leg-up, Drag Reducer, Tuff-slick, Cylindrical Half Shape Rigid Foam Cover Add-on for Specific SUV/P.U. Truck Lower Rear Independent Suspension Component” (between differential and wheel hub mounts).

The first two pictures indicate the full extent and location of the white (unpainted) epoxy coated Foam pieces on both right and left sides, front and rear views.

The second two pictures indicate the right side front and rear views. The third two pictures indicate the right side front and rear views uncovered (for comparison with the same covered views).

Note that the Foam does not obstruct lower access for normal service station vehicle lift up. The three to two cable ties per piece can be easily cut to remove if ever necessary and the undamaged pieces can be adding on again with new cable ties. Custom signs can be applied over or on the Foam pieces for whatever your pleasure, safety conscience, etc… I intend to add TaleG8r signs with reflective letters visible from behind at night by other drivers.


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