Tree Using Large EPS Block

Large Eps Block Tree 243x300
Large Eps Block Tree 243x300

A couple months ago the Muskingum County Business Incubator enlisted the help of Xpressive graphiX to produce a creative marketing piece. The premise was simple,The Journey Tree represented an entrepreneurs personal journey from a simple idea to a enormous success by embracing the support of the Business Incubator. The concept was born from a series of brainstorming sessions with a team of people from the MCBI and Xpressive graphiX. From the very onset we wanted to do something “different”, something that would make a statement. EPS and STYROFOAM™ Brand foam were considered for the project. We decided to utilize EPS foam to make our brainchild a reality. With a quick phone call to Tina Queen at Universal Foam , outlining our idea…Our foam Arrived!

The foam blocks were huge! We got 4 of them and they measured 10 feet x 4 feet x 3 feet! Each one weighed in at an impressive 125 pounds! Foam was the perfect medium for this project due to the fact it needed to be light weight and mobile, it needed to be able to be assembled and disassembled easily and fit through a standard double door. We were able to cut the foam with minimal effort in order to begin forming the shapes which were than affixed to the tree. Every piece of this enormous sculpture, which stood 12′ tall x 8′ wide x 6′ deep was completely hand crafted. The foam and support I received from Tina and Universal Foam was impeccable and I can not wait to do some more large scale projects like this one in the future.


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