Virgin EPS Foam Were Used to Build Floating Raft

Styrofoam Floating Raft
Styrofoam Floating Raft

Eight blocks of 1 lb Virgin EPS foam 15” x 24” x 96” were used to build this very creative floating raft party platform in Norman Park, Georgia. Here is what the owner/builder had to say “Ann, here’s a picture of our “Floating Raft”. The thing barely sits 3 inches in the water with all of the wood I used, plus it never gets over 5 inches with several folks on it plus our furniture and tent. We attach a trolling motor to it and glide all over the pond enjoying life at its best. Thanks for your guidance and help during this endeavor. I took bets on how deep it would set into the water, being pessimistic, I thought it would barely float……..I have to pay-up now.”


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