EPS Foam Floatation

Eps Foam Floatation1
Eps Foam Floatation1

One of our customer’s located at a Lake in Houston, TX 77062 built a pier using EPS Foam Floatation. They used .9 lb Virgin EPS , 12” x 48” x 48” sizes cut to order. Each section is 10ft long x 4ft wide. The 2”x 6” boards on the outside are 10ft long with the inside boards being 2”x 6”x 4ft. They ran a 2×4 frame on the inside of the 2”x6” frame that allowed the decking to sit flush with the outside frame. This allowed a frame for both the decking on top and a frame for the foam to sit up inside the frame about 1”. The 48” x 48” EPS Foam blocks fit in tight and can be glued to the frame or strapped in with polyethylene straps. Dock Hinges connected the 4 sections together and can be bought for about $20 each. They drove stakes into the Lake Bed and attached a chain to each of the sections so the dock does not float away. The floats were painted with a dark brown water based paint and it turned out perfect the customer said.


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