• June 9, 2017
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Aquaponics, the combination of raising fish and growing plants at the same time, is still relatively new; so many gardeners still ask ‘What is the best way of building an aquaponics floating tray?” At Universal Foam Products, we offer no less than three foam tray solutions to start growing your greens.

How are rafts used in aquaponics?

With the raft based aquaponics growing system, a foam raft floats in water with plants sitting in holes – roots dangling in the water. The nutrients comes from the fish waste but filtrated and converted into is a source of organic plant food via microbes in the system. Commercial and individual aquaponics gardens and farms then produce fast-growing salad greens.

Option 1) Simply order in the EPS panels you need for your aquaponics garden

Customers can buy and shape simple EPS panels, making their own holes for different plants and arrangements. Our customer in New Hampshire sent is photos of their successful new aquaponics garden with their own design of holes in an aquaponic EPS raft. They used 2 lb density EPS foam panels 2” x 36” x 44” which worked very well.

Option 2) Try our range of pre-molded trays for gardening applications

For larger set-ups, Universal Foam Products supply stock items of different molded trays for growing plants in hydroponic and aquaponic gardening applications. This means a customer can get to work straight away on setting up seedlings and plants.

Option 3) Request custom-made EPS foam trays for commercial gardening and farming

Tell us exactly what you need for your farm and produce production. A customer in Aruba growing lettuce asked for custom-made gardening trays for their starter plants followed by different sizes for the growing lettuce. We design and cut the trays with a CNC router using both STYROFOAM™ Brand foam and expanded polystyrene (EPS)

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