Expanded polystyrene is one of the most commonly used materials for creating complex, realistic looking theatrical props for everything from amateur productions to large budget professional plays and movies. It is available in sheet or block form as well as complex shapes. EPS is lightweight, weighing less than one pound per cubic foot up to three pounds per cubic foot, making large props easy to maneuver on stage. It can be coated with almost any material including paints, stucco, concrete. Wood and metal panels can be easily attached to EPS blocks or sheets. It can be carved with an electric hot knife or commonly used tools and utensils such as knives and saws. It is strong enough to be walked on and carry substantial loads.

This church in Bath, New York produces major production each year and uses EPS sheets and blocks to create extremely realistic scenery. For this 30 minute film production of the imprisonment of the Apostle Paul, they used recycled EPS blocks 12 inch and 24 inch thick of different lengths and widths to create four walls, a partial ceiling, and a floor of a typical Roman house arrest prison. With very skilled and creative labor, the set looks extremely realistic and the production was a great success.

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