• May 17, 2017
  • eps

Knowing how to protect a valuable piece of art from artist to gallery to customer takes experience and the right mix of art packaging supplies. Using foam sheets for shipping fine art means any paintings of any size can be protected from any angle. Regular EPS sheets and custom made corners and infills can all be provided to protect your art in transit.

Lightweight but protective packaging supplies

At Universal Foam Products, we supply to several customers who ship art and sculpture collections across the nation. One successful client deals with many sizes of art pieces. Their packaging has to be lightweight to protect but not impact the art, available in a range of sizes and to fit smoothly against a final layer of particle board. And as with other business, overall packaging costs can still mount up and impact the bottom line so economical choices are also important.

Stocking range of foam sheets gives packaging versatility

The customer decided to maintain a regular stock of lightweight .9lb density EPS (expanded polystyrene) sheets in a range of three thicknesses – 1”, 1.5” and 3”. This choice of EPS foam as packaging material accommodates all their size requirements. The foam sheets are placed all around the art – top, bottom and around the perimeter. The bundle is then enclosed in a layer of particle board before final shipment.

EPS packaging protection for delicate and sensitive products

With its lightweight protection that doesn’t damage delicate surfaces, EPS foam is ideal for other valuable cargo that needs to be protected for delivery. Sensitive scientific equipment, hi-tech materials as well as museum, auction and exhibition artifacts can be protected for both transportation and storage. Choose a mix of EPS foam sheets, blocks and custom-made shapes for your unique items.

Protect and create art with EPS Foam from Universal Foam Products

At Universal Foam Products, we have many years of experience in providing this lightweight, yet protective choice for your packaging needs. Whether you want to protect art with EPS foam or even create art with it, call Universal Foam Products now at 410-498-0000.