Artificial Boulder from EPS Foam, I took the 4 blocks I purchased, and after some cuts and gorilla glue, stacked them into a cube. Then using a chainsaw and homemade nichrome hot wire cutter, I sculpted a huge boulder (7′ high, 9′ long and 6′ thick), that we then painted with various shading and textures to create a very realistic and dramatic looking boulder.

The boulder is currently being used by the Somerville (NJ) High School World Class Indoor Color guard for the 2016 competition season which began in January. The boulder is the primary focus and theme of our show this year and is dramatically dragged across the performance floor in a very theatrical manner.

The Somerville (NJ) High School World Class Indoor Color guard performs and competes in high school gymnasiums and college arenas beginning in February, culminating our season at the WGI World Championships in Dayton, OH in April. The SHS Color Guard are two-time World Champions (2012 and 2015) and recognized across the country as one of the nation’s leading color guard programs.

Because the huge boulder needs to be transported and assembled/disassembled very quickly at various locations, it remains in 6 separate pieces that can be quickly stacked to form the boulder. The EPS foam used satisfied both our asthetic requirements, as well as our functional needs to keep such a large prop portable and manageable.




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