Universal Foam Products provided this talented artist in Fairfield, CT
multiple untrimmed 36” x 48” x 96” Expanded Polystyrene Foam blocks. With
their incredible skills and creativity they have created many different
large sculptures. The Spider, Snowman and Nutcrackers are just a few of
their featured works. To bring these sculptures to life, the customer
utilized hot foam cutters alongside hand saws and rasps.

The joining of foam pieces was accomplished using Great Stuff, while wood
dowels, and PVC pipes were used to reinforce and connect various parts.
This allowed for convenient dismantling into smaller pieces, facilitating
effortless transportation and storage. To enhance the sculptures'
durability and aesthetics, the customer applied Foam Coat as a protective
sealer, followed by acrylic paint and a water-based Polyurethane for a
polished finish. If you need a sculpture created, or just some foam blocks
to create your own masterpiece, please reach out to Universal Foam Products
to assist you.

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