Hungry Caterpillar Sets & Props

Hungry Caterpillar Sets and Props 1024x682
Hungry Caterpillar Sets and Props 1024x682

For their production of The Hungry Caterpillar, this dance studio in Hiawatha, Iowa used 10 molded hollow spheres made of expanded polystyrene.

The hollow spheres are lightweight and the two pieces worked perfectly for creating the caterpillar. Here is how they made the spheres work. “We drilled small holes into the top of each foam ball (lined up with the kid’s shoulders), then fed through a pair of suspenders that had been cut into each respective side. So the elastic from the suspenders goes through the hole in the foam ball on each piece front and back and then the suspenders clip attaches to the other end of the suspender elastic. The nice thing is that the suspenders also had an adjuster on them so we can adjust the length of the elastic bands on each kid to help them fit a bit more snug.” Latex paint was used to color the spheres.

EPS balls and spheres are available in stock sizes from 1 inch to 30 inch diameter. Custom balls can be provided in any size required. The balls ship from multiple location throughout the US.


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