Foam Blocks for TV Show Prop

Santa Clauses Fireplace
Santa Clauses Fireplace

Universal Foam Products provided 2 untrimmed EPS Foam blocks to the set designer who was working on the new TV Series, “The Santa Clauses” featuring Tim Allen. In the Santa Claus movie, Tim Allen's character Scott Calvin said “I am in Big Trouble” and this is how the set designer was feeling when they called in to Universal Foam Products. These blocks were needed in less than 1 week. Universal Foam Products saved the day, for we have over 80 shipping locations throughout the United States, and the customer was able to pick up to save on shipping time.

With incredible artistic abilities, some Foam cutting tools, and a plaster-like coating finish, the fireplace matched Tim Allen's face perfectly. With that said, “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Goodnight”.


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