Many sculptors and artist use Expanded Polystyrene Foam as a core for their pieces of art. Expanded Polystyrene foam can be carved and shaped with a number of tools such as hot-wires, hot knives, saws, wire brushes and even fine sand paper. With imagination and creativity a block of Expanded Polystyrene can shaped into anything.

This artist located in Chapel Hill, NC has worked with Universal Foam Products on multiple projects. Their amazing pieces of art have won many awards and have been shared publicly, with most of them residing in her home state of North Carolina. The process starts with applying three layers of alkaline resistant fiberglass mesh and a proprietary mixture of Portland cement, sand, polymer fibers and an acrylic liquid. After the third layer is cured, a waterproofing membrane is installed before the beauty of it all, the mosaic tiles. As these are exterior sculptures, the customer uses all "high-fired/vitrified" tile and glass.

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