EPS Foam Letters for Church

Eps Foam Letter Church 1024x683
Eps Foam Letter Church 1024x683

When this church in Grand Rapids, Michigan needed letters for the focal point of a sermon, they chose 36” tall letters done in an Arial font. REVIVAL was set toward the front of the stage with enough room for the minister to stand in front of the letters.

EPS letters in a variety of sizes and fonts are used to celebrate every kind of occasion worth celebrating. We have provided letters and numbers to celebrate weddings and birthdays, anniversaries and graduations. They are used for corporate functions and church services. The letters and numbers, made from expanded polystyrene, are usually displayed in their natural color of white. They can also be painted with a latex paint if coloring is required. Most of the time EPS letters and numbers can be self-standing, but certain letters such as F, J and P will always need help standing up and letters such as C, G, J, O, S and U will typically need a rounded bottom plus sometimes additional help also to stand. We provide multiple letter and number projects every week so can advise you of what you will need to do make sure your letters remain standing for you event.


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