EPS Foam Packaging for Shipping Wall Panels

When this manufacturer of high quality, exterior metal composite panels, in Lewistown, PA needed a way to ship their panels long distances without getting marked up, they contacted Universal Foam Products. We provided 5,000 pieces of .9 lb density EPS 2” x 4” x4” with a pressure sensitive adhesive (self-stick tape) on one side. As they place the panels in crates they apply several of the EPS pads to the back side of the panel to keep the panels from touching. When the contractor is ready to install the panels, he removes the EPS block. The EPS provided fast and economical protection for the panels.

EPS is an economical solution for shipping all types of metal, composite and glass panels both vertically and horizontally. Call 410-498-0000 and let us recommend a solution for you.

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