• June 9, 2017
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Hotels, schools, gyms and other leisure businesses all have to be adaptable and versatile with the facilities they provide. Filling in a swimming pool using lightweight EPS Geofoam can be an economical way to change the use of an area for changing needs of guests.

What to consider when filling in a swimming pool

Maybe you’re building a new pool elsewhere, the existing pool doesn’t get enough use or the whole building is being remodelled. Whatever the reason for filling in a pool, the infill material must be easy to handle and manage on site, making the task as easy as possible. Uneven settling is also a problem with traditional organic fill materials. On upper floors in hotels and condominiums the perfect fill material must also be lightweight, reducing pressure on the floors and lateral pressure on the walls. For all these reasons, EPS Geofoam makes the ideal infill material for pools of all shapes and sizes.

Planning pre-cut pieces for successful pool infill project

For our customer in Arlington, Virginia, it was necessary to convert a hotel pool area so it could be better used for a different purpose. Experts at Universal Foam Products recommended EPS19 Geofoam for the pool infill and our team configured the right mix of shaped blocks to match the pool design. A series of standard and pre-cut pieces of foam to fit together was delivered directly to site, making installation very straightforward.

Whether you are shaping and installing a new swimming pool or filling in your unloved and unused one, call Universal Foam Products on 410-498-0000 now. Our team can advise on all you need to know on using EPS Geofoam in swimming pool design.

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