Snowmen are a part of so many mall displays or Santa grottos. EPS foam balls are the go-to option for a quick and easy way to create a snowman group or family. Our two largest balls – 24 in and 30 in can pair up to create the largest option – adding a smaller ball as a head. With two balls per carton for the larger sizes, just a few cartons will start to make a family group. Both natural decorations such as twigs and branches will fix easily directly into the surface. Styrofoam snow can be added to the snowman to really make it come to life. Other decorations can be simply wrapped or draped around. For final details, glue on eyes and other features – even a welcome sign to the grotto. Start with our easy, lightweight solution to creating your snowmen props and then let your creativity do the rest to achieve the display you want.

Once a venue and date is agreed for a prom, homecoming, PTA fundraiser or major birthday celebration, it’s time to work on that theme. A certain color choice, a movie or location? Does the sports hall or ballroom need to look the ocean or another planet? Easy lightweight balls and spheres made from EPS (expanded polystyrene) are a perfect starting point. They can be painted and sprayed with any color or finish to match your surroundings. Larger ones can be hung and suspended in large numbers to fill a large room and smaller ones can be the starting point for table centerpieces. Other decorative elements such as decals can be stuck on or into the surface or glued. Change your mind once you’re decorating the space? Move them around easily till you’re happy with all the details. EPS foam balls are a great way to bring your themes and decorations to life for that big day.

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