1 lb Virgin EPS foam or Styrofoam is routinely used for trade show booth and theatrical props. Aquafin, a manufacturer of concrete coatings, used 1 lb density expanded polystyrene blocks and cylinders to simulate concrete walls and support columns at their tradeshow booth at the “World of Concrete” in Las Vegas. The first photo is an EPS block 12” X 48” X 72” used to simulate a concrete wall with various coatings and treatments applied to it. The second photo is the other side of the same wall. They created the look of a CMU wall to show the application of waterproof coatings. The third photo is showing the foam columns made to look like concrete columns that you would find in a parking garage or underground structure. The columns were made to look like the concrete was broken and deteriorated, showing steel reinforcement and then samples of repair products demonstrating the proper methods of repair.

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