4 Foot Tall Styrofoam Snowman for a Photo Shoot

4 Foot Tall Styrofoam Snowmand for Photo Shoot
4 Foot Tall Styrofoam Snowmand for Photo Shoot

Kathleen Smith Photography in Woodbury Minnesota needed a snowman for a photo shoot but wanted on she could use multiple times with or without a lot of snow on the ground. For the snowman project she purchased a Small Snowman Kit from Universal Foam Products consisting of a 24”, 16” and 12 EPS Sphere, each in two halves. To flatten the surfaces where they sit on top of each other she used an exacto knife. She then sanded the balls with course sandpaper to rough up the surface for texture. The sphere halves were glued together using Testor Modeling Glue and she kept the 3 palls separate for ease of transport. The eyes, nose, mouth and buttons are from a snowman kit purchased from Target. The completed snowman measured 4 foot tall to the top of the hat which makes it the perfect size for photographing with children.


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