EPS For Theatrical Background

EPS is the most versatile material available for theatrical props. From architectural features to furniture, it is lightweight, easy to carve and can take a wide variety of coatings. This high school in Siloam Springs, Arkansas purchased 16 sheets of nominal 1 lb density EPS 2” x 48” x 96” to create the stone walls and the backdrops for their production. The props, consisting of stone walls, brick arches and stained glass windows were created by students.

EPS is available in block and sheet form in a broad range of densities. Coatings from latex paint to synthetic stuccos can be used on the surface. Any material can be laminated to the sheets and blocks to create the desired effect. Because the EPS blocks are so light weight, a nominal density of 1 lb per cubic foot is the most popular for theatrical props, large blocks can be moved around by one or two people on stage.

“The foam worked wonderfully for us! It was exactly what we needed for our set! In November for our Fall musical, we did The Sound of Music. We needed lightweight set pieces that would be easy to move very quickly. Plus, we were going to try to “fly in” some set pieces for the very first time and the foam board was perfect for that! We are extremely pleased with the foam and how everything turned out! We most definitely be contacting you again in the future. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”

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