• November 27, 2023
  • Art

Lisa and Robert Ferguson, artists in Alameda, CA used .9 lb density EPS Blocks to sculpt these incredible pieces of art. The first is a life sized carving of a mother grizzly bear and her cub called 'Mum'. This was hand carved from Large EPS Sculpting Blocks, and was then covered with cement and over 50,000 pennies, which gives the impression of bear fur. When dried to concrete the art is extremely durable and a joy for people to touch and explore. This was built for a Burning Man art exhibition in England at Chatsworth House near Manchester. It will be returning to the USA in the winter.

The second sculpture was for this year's Burning Man in the Black Rock Desert. The artists created a 15 foot tall western rattlesnake. Over a frame of steel tubing they overlayed the EPS blocks and carved out the shape. The snake was a unique shape to carve as the foam needed to go from wide to narrow several times to resemble a snakes body. This sculpture was also entirely hand carved with using small hand tools and did not use computers or machines. The snake was covered in over 3,000 concrete flowers hand painted in metallic gold, copper, bronze and silver. This is a very durable piece of art and it was well received at Burning Man. It is now on loan to Burning Man's new art trail and training facility in Gerlach, Nevada. Well done Lisa and Robert!

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