This marine service center in Dania Beach ,FL 33004 used EPS Foam blocks for storage of their pontoon boats. They ordered blocks 24” x 30” x 30” to assure the propeller and all parts of the boat could stay intact and not have to be removed while in storage on top of the blocks. This also gave them the ability to be able to easily get under the boats if any repairs were needed. EPS Foam is great for this application for they are easy to use, lightweight and extremely sturdy. Universal Foam Products can cut these blocks to size and preference. Here is what the customer had to say:

“Thank you for providing the perfect solution for our pontoon boats! Your foam stands are ideal for safely storing pontoons and make forklift handling a breeze. We look forward to adding more at our marina for hurricane storage and work projects. Looking forward to working with you in the future.

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