EPS Foam Used in Carolina Day School Theatre Production

Eps Foam Theater Set1
Eps Foam Theater Set1

The EPS foam worked amazingly well! Following pictures are from the Carolina Day School theatre production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream (March 2013).

In the pictures attached you’ll see four stair units. Those are built using 1 lb density EPS. We constructed the stair units by gluing the 9″ thick blocks of foam together stacked up into the stair shape. Then we used a two-part epoxy called Liquid Rock and attached pieces of 1/8″ thick lauan plywood to the stair treads (so the actors wouldn’t crush the foam) We also epoxied the lauan to the sides of the units because we flipped them on their sides and walked on them that way as well. Then we painted the units to look like marble.

The units were incredibly lightweight so that two of the young girls playing fairies could easily push them around on the stage. And yet they are incredibly strong – the entire cast of over twenty could stand on them with no problems. We moved them into different configurations for each scene in the play. Thanks to your product we were able to stage a magical and memorable A Midsummer Night’s Dream.


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