Universal Foam Products has provided many colleges and universities with various concrete canoe molds for the American Society of Civil Engineers Concrete Canoe Competition. We have provided both inner and outer molds depending on the canoe team's preferences and budgets, as well as, foam blocks to be cut in house. This school, Saint Martins University, located in Lacey, WA decided to order 6” x 32” x 33” foam blocks. The canoe team used 3D modeling software (Autodesk Inventor 2019) to design the canoe hull shape every 6 inches throughout the canoe's length. The cross-sectional drawings aided in cutting the foam using a waterjet CNC machine. They later glued each foam piece together, and used sanding tools at each cross-section to create the smooth surface. After applying duct tape, a thin layer of concrete, a mesh netting and a final layer of concrete, this canoe was ready for the competition.

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