A Lasting Impression on Their Wedding With Giant EPS Letters

Giant Eps Letters for Weddings 1024x683
Giant Eps Letters for Weddings 1024x683

When Sarah & Ahmad planned their wedding they wanted to do something unusual to make a lasting impression on their guests. Their initials in 8 foot tall letters certainly did that. Due to their size, the letters were shipped to Waterford, VA in 2 pieces and were glued together and painted after arrival. The couple did a great job finishing them off and the initials complimented the beautiful bride and handsome groom in the photo.

Large EPS letters are often used today to accent business functions, birthdays, weddings and other special occasions. They are available in any size and in a larger variety of fonts. Shipping from locations throughout the united States, the letters and numbers are typically available in 7-10 days or less.


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