Cylindrical Packaging Foam Insert

When you must ship something that is flexible, but it needs to retain its shape, what is the best material to use?

Our customer in Lake Placid, Florida manufactures lead roof flashing and needed an insert to keep the vent pipe flashing round in transit. Since all the pipe flashing pieces were the same diameter but varied in length, Universal Foam Products provided EPS cylinders that were 2-5/8″ in diameter and 120″ long so they could be easily cut to length for each piece. A very lightweight EPS with recycled content was used to keep the cost as low as possible. The foam is easily cut to the required length with a knife or hand saw.

Another customer in Richland, Pennsylvania that produces a variety of different materials for hundreds of different applications used round EPS plugs in the ends of their polymer cylinders to prevent deformation during shipping.

EPS packaging can be provided in almost any configuration to meet your shipping requirements. From molded end caps and corners to custom produced carton liners and specialty shapes, EPS is one the best way to make sure your product arrives undamaged. We also provide flexible foam solutions using both polyurethane and polyethylene foams. Our sales people have years of experience designing custom packaging for almost every application. Let us take a look at your next project to see what economical solution we can provide. Shipping from over 100 locations in the US and Canada, we are local to almost everywhere.

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