Large Custom Foam Letters for TED Talk Events

TED Talks are well attended speaking events where someone gives a live presentation on any topic that they feel passionate about. The events are held around the world and have been viewed via the Internet over a billion times. Most events have the TED-X logo as a back drop and Universal Foam Products has been fortunate to have provided dozens of those logos for events throughout the United States. This event in McLean, Virginia used EPS letters 36” tall and 6” thick, painted red by our customer to create a very clean crisp focal point for the event.

Universal Foam Products produces large letters and numbers of all sizes for weddings, birthdays and retirement parties. The letters and words are used to emphasize a date, an age, a union, etc. and can be provided in any size requested by our customers. We ship the letters, numbers and logos from over 80 locations nationwide so we are local to almost everywhere.

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