STYROFOAM™ Floatations
STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam floatation billets are available in sizes of 7” x 20” x 48”, 7” x 48” x 96” and 10” x 20” x 96”. A cubic foot of STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam will float 55 lbs. The billets are designed to be used under floating docks and swim platforms. The billets are only available to ship from a small number of locations in the United States.

Expanded Polystyrene Flotations
EPS floatation blocks are available in an infinite number of sizes and several different densities. They are available plain (without any coating) or encapsulated in a hard plastic shell. There are un-encapsulated floats that have been in service under floating docks for many years of continuous use. EPS will float between 55 lbs and 60 lbs per cubic foot depending upon the density of the block. The floatation blocks have been used for floating docks, swim platforms, work barges and special applications floating equipment and machinery. EPS can also be cut into circular shapes for floating scientific or aeration equipment. Un-encapsulated EPS floatation ships from over 100 different locations.

Agencies governing certain lakes and rivers now require floats to be encapsulated. Waterways controlled by the Army Corps of Engineers, the Tennessee Valley Authority and certain local governments and community associations will have this requirement. If the floatation is going to be used in a marina or areas with a lot of boats, it is recommended that encapsulated floats be used also as the oil or gasoline that can be seen floating on the surface of the water can slowly deteriorate un-encapsulated EPS.

If your project is a floating dock or swim platform on a private lake or river, then un-encapsulated EPS will make a very durable and buoyant float. A single block of 1 lb density EPS 12” x 24” x 48” will float 440 lbs. To determine what you might need for you project you can use a Floatation Calculator found at

Encapsulated Floats

Encapsulated Floats

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