• April 11, 2017
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With it being used so widely for floating docks and pontoons, it won’t come as a surprise to discover which buoyancy material is used for floating targets – EPS foam. A very specific requirement for weapons testing in the U.S. Navy means EPS foam really comes into its own – as supplied by Universal Foam Products.

For both weapons testing and training, the U.S. Navy uses tow targets pulled at speed behind a powered remote control boat. The targets are known as Polyethylene Tow Targets (PETT) and have a number of criteria – namely being able to stay afloat after being hit many times. For other training programs, they must sink when hit. To achieve both these opposing goals, the EPS foam shapes that normally keep the target afloat are designed to be easily removed when required. When in place the 1 lb virgin EPS foam looks like a realistic target, having been supplied in precut shapes.

EPS is buoyant, lightweight and does not absorb water, all due to its closed cell structure. Such properties make it very popular with so many floating projects. Pontoons, docks, swim platforms, floating decks and any other private or commercial project on water can all benefit from EPS blocks or precut shapes.

With the 1 lb density expanded polystyrene as the base structure for their PETT vessels, the U.S. Navy can perform continual tests and weapons training on the water. Just another example of the versatility of EPS forms, precut and delivered from Universal Foam Products throughout the country.

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