• May 17, 2017
  • eps

SUP boards – the latest water sport with EPS foam at its center

Stand up paddleboards made from EPS foam continue to rise in popularity along with the new sport itself. Out on the water the choice of paddleboards is expanding rapidly for both performance and style and all need a lightweight core for floatation – EPS foam.

Leisure and competitive paddleboards

At Universal Foam Products, we supply EPS foam for SUP boards both for family leisure time on the lake as well as competitive racing. A recent SUP board with our EPS foam at its core was used by a professional paddleboard designer and manufacturer. The board went on to compete in a racing competition in Key West, coming in third – a great result for designer and competitor. To keep the board as lightweight as possible the designers chose a .9 lb Virgin EPS foam core.

Stand Up Paddleboards finishes for strength and style

The secret to SUP board success with EPS foam from Universal Foam Products is how many different substrates and finishes adhere easily to the surface. For the paddle board used in the Florida race, carbon fiber was used as the final exterior layer. This ensured a tough exterior and an excellent performance in the water. The designer considered the board to be the sturdiest board in the race – subjected to difficult weather conditions on the day.

Other surface treatments that work with an EPS paddleboard core include wood veneers – bamboo veneer for SUP boards being very popular. Epoxy and fibreglass finishes are also used giving even more design flexibility; colour choice, painting and design transfers.

Get your SUP board design afloat with advice from the team at Universal Foam Products. We ship EPS foam from more than 80 locations around the country – wherever your paddleboarding is going to take you. Call us today at 410-498-0000.