• March 6, 2017
  • eps

How do I insulate the floor of an ice sports rink?

Whether you’re constructing a rink for hockey or skating, a key project question to answer is “How do I insulate the floor of an ice sports rink?” In Marietta, GA. a dedicated team of volunteers and fundraisers started with a hockey rink but still had an insulation project to plan. In this case they planned to change from an old hockey rink to a new dedicated curling facility. As a voluntary group, keeping costs down was important while still achieving an effective insulated rink surface.

For this vital insulation part of the conversion project, they found EPS (expanded polystyrene) sheets were the obvious choice for the floor and part of the walls and ceiling. The EPS sheets were ordered as one of the many layers required for a solid play area.

The hockey rink originally had red Georgia clay as a base but this was removed and replaced with sand as a more suitable base layer. The EPS sheets went down next as the insulating layer. The experts from Universal Foam Products advised a specification of 0.9lb density for the ice sports rink and for the entire floor area, 215 sheets of 1” and 150 sheets of 3” EPS were used. With the insulation correctly in position the remaining layers were added. These included a vapor barrier, more sand, chilling coils and then the finished floor for play.

A lot of the work was carried out by more than 50 volunteers from the new Peachtree Curling Association. They were lucky enough to have the building donated to them and then raised donations for the rest of the work. The old hockey rink is now a dedicated curling club with members keen to share the love of their sports with many more local people.

Whatever ice sports rink you are planning, call our team for advice and a quote on EPS insulation sheets.