• April 11, 2017
  • eps

Civil engineering companies pouring concrete mixes into precise molds need a mold material that can be precisely shaped. Using EPS foam molds for concrete gives the versatility for both CNC machine shaping and hand finishing of the mold. For many entrants in the National ASCE Concrete Canoe competition, organized by the American Society of Civil Engineers, EPS foam from Universal Foam Product has been their first choice. The international competition invites university engineering departments to build and compete in a race with their concrete canoes. Civil engineering students must work together in areas such as EPS mold designs, concrete mixes and, of course, their paddle skills for the big day. All teams, from countries including the U.S and Canada, submit detailed plans for all aspects of the build. This includes the precise canoe shape that demands a precise mold shape.

Processes involved in shaping the mold for many of the concrete canoes can include linear cutting, CNC machining and hand sanding. Many universities choose EPS foam from Universal Foam Products to give them this ability to accurately shape their mold design. One of the competing teams choosing EPS foam from Universal Foam products is Rutgers University in New Jersey. Rutgers chose 0.9 lb Virgin EPS foam this year, ordering several small blocks. These component EPS foam blocks were then shaped by hand on a CNC machine and fitted together to make the canoe shape. Its easy handling makes EPS the ideal material for this important stage of the product design and competition. Good Luck from the Universal Foam Products team to all the canoes, designers and paddle teams in Colorado for the 2017 race!

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