• June 9, 2017
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Strong and robust but it still takes to the air; EPS is the perfect lightweight material for model design. For all types of model enthusiasts, EPS foam has always been popular. Cut and carve foam to any shape with simple tools, then paint or apply all types of coatings.

Model enthusiasts chose EPS foam again and again

RC airplane enthusiasts always make the best use of EPS, as an ideal choice for wings and fuselages – light enough to take to the skies. Our client’s model shown in these photos chooses both 1lb and 2lb density expanded polystyrene, cutting and contouring them into shape with a hot wire cutter. The EPS foam can then easily be painted and customized to make many individual designs.

Corporate model designers use EPS foam for launch impact

Other corporate clients have also taken up the aviation theme. When Google held a party at the USS Hornet Museum on Alameda Island, CA, their caterer was inspired by the ‘Air’ section of this important Sea, Air and Space Museum. The USS Hornet was a WWII aircraft carrier that also recovered the astronauts from the Apollo 11 and 12 missions. For Google’s event, airplanes also descended from above. This time 6 large airplanes were suspended, then lowered from the celling to table height – the large wings filled with 2000 desserts for guests.

All the planes were made with EPS foam supplied from Universal Foam Products – again combining strength with a low weight material. For such a great impact at a corporate event, EPS foam is the perfect choice for one-off props, stage sets or large carved images of a brand logo.

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