• March 17, 2017
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Meeting construction budgets always means trying to save time and money. Using EPS foam blocks along with a leave in place riser form system is one of the best cost savings options for tiered stadium seating that saves both labour and material costs.

In Bexley, Ohio, a project to fit out a new performing arts centre at the Columbus School for Girls included the provision of 400 tiered seats with two back riser sections. The project was part of a wider program to enhance the facilities at the school and it was important to be up and running as soon as possible.

To save time, the construction team chose Universal Foam Product’s LIP or Leave-in Place riser form system. The seating design is given to our specification team who then not only place the order for the exact foam blocks required but also provide the installation plan.

This means that on arrival onsite all EPS15 Geofoam blocks are numbered so installation is very easy with minimum skilled labour requirements. With the blocks set in place, the concrete crew pour and finish the concrete directly into the riser system.

In the case of the Performing Arts Center at the Columbus School, the time required for both installing the blocks and pouring the concrete was just one week. For a theater, auditorium or lecture hall of this size, that means a substantial labour saving cost. As a final product, the seating has the benefit of the EPS layer which can give some thermal and acoustic insulation.

Geofoam EPS blocks can be cut on site for some similar projects but many clients chose to have all blocks delivered to pre-arranged engineering drawings. Waste is kept to a minimum and more time saved. Call our foam expert team now at 410-498-0000 for a quote on using the LIP riser form system with EPS blocks from Universal Foam Products.

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