• July 31, 2017
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Celebrating the 4th of July with EPS – carve out your best parade float design

Whatever you need for your 4th of July parade floats, chances are you don’t need to look much further than a selection of EPS from Universal Foam Products. With just a few months to go, many schools, church and businesses are in full swing, carving and creating what they need to produce an eye-catching float.

You can start from a thin sheet of EPS which is very easy to carve or layer. Or maybe go for a large block to shape and sculpt. To make life even easier, order a precut item today which your group only has to paint or decorate.

Precut flag shapes in EPS make float design even easier in Ohio

In Chillicothe, OH. The VA Medical Center started their float plans by ordering a huge pre-cut flag shape from Universal Foam Products. The flag shaped up at 8” x 48” x 87” made from 1.5 lb. Virgin EPS. Once shipped the VA Medical Centre got to work to decorate it and used it as center stage on their parade float. Such precut items can be shipped out very quickly after a conversation with our friendly customer service team.

Parade Float Flag

Easy to decorate and easy to move

EPS can be painted, sprayed or decorated with almost any material and other elements can be added on easily, including stars and stripes. And if you have to decorate it elsewhere before the big day, it is lightweight enough to lift easily into place rather than a large wooden structure.

Call us today at 410-498-000 to get your flags and floats prepared for the 4th July.