Our full range of EPS foam ball sizes really makes light work of putting together your festive holiday display. With sizes from 8” to 30”, you can decorate a tree, add detail to a snowy backdrop or fill a sleigh with snowballs and ornaments – large or small. Cartons of 12 smaller balls make an easy base for a festive display of ornaments. Spray them in bulk with glitter, paint or snow effect to make enough background material in a large store display or mall winter wonderland. Then, use our larger foam balls as feature points – both as fully decorated balls or hemispheres with smaller items displayed inside.

Props for stage, screen or exhibition hall – they all need to start from versatile, lightweight structures to transform easily for the grand opening. EPS foam balls are the starting point for anything from the sun, moon and stars to mascots or cartoon creations. Hang them from the stage celling or pile them high and fix them together – being so light they can go anywhere in a set or tableau. To match scenery they can be easily spray painted or coated to give different effects. Do they need to look like stone, stucco or add sparkle? Do you need to match brand or team colors for a big event?

All of our EPS balls are easy to handle for both amateurs and experienced professionals. Make them your starting points for all your props and displays.

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