The owners of Frightland wanted to create a big statue for their 20th year anniversary that could be seen by the 100,000+ cars that pass by their attraction daily. They came up the idea to build an 18 feet tall Frankenstein statue holding an axe. Using blocks of nominal 1 lb density EPS foam, and an aluminum sub frame, they crafted the statue, then coated it with two coats of marine epoxy resin. To give him color they used cans of spray paint and finished him with a final coat of marine epoxy resin that won’t fade from the UV of the sun or wind. Congratulations to Phil Miller and Chris Hillman for a job well done!

The attraction is open from the last weekend in September to the first weekend in November. Located on Rt13 in Middletown, Delaware it has 8 attractions including hayride and amusement rides.

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