This photo features some of the options for holiday themed retail window displays. Having a unique design is a creative way to increase traffic and elevate any retail space in holiday season like Thanksgiving & Christmas. I created these decorations and made my own winter wonderland using EPS and Styrofoam. The 3″D”s (Design, Develop, and Display) are really important to me when I work on a project. EPS and Styrofoam are so lightweight and easy to manipulate, the imaginably became the obtainable. There were no size limits to what I could design, I could manage everything. I am a DIY crafter so I used the Carve 360 cordless hot knife to cut out my pieces. Then worked with Enerfoam and Prolock adhesives to add embellishments and for the final assemble. I worked with beads, glitter, paper, fabric, and paint. The ability to enhance my props and decorations allowed me to have a lot of fun. I am already excited and planning my new next display.

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