Expanded Polystyrene used to Insulate Milk Tanker to control Temperature

When our customer in Tillamook County, Oregon needed to refurbish an old tanker trailer they contacted Universal Foam Products. The tanker was rebuilt using only the original axels and stainless steel inner tank. A layer of 2-3/4″ EPS that was kerfed every 2″ was wrapped around the inner tank for insulation. A second layer of 1/4″ EPS covered the first layer. The 1/4″ EPS was flexible enough to curve without being scored. A layer of insulated aluminum was applied for the finished exterior.

The 5000 gallon milk tanker has a 5′ inside diameter and is 32′ long. The EPS insulation gave it an R-Value of approximately 11.5 to help maintain the temperature of the milk during shipping.

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