• July 31, 2017
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Where to buy lightweight foam for leisure and promotional games

Giant scale props and toys always bring the fun to a celebration or party whether it’s at home, school or for a promotional event. Going large and keeping it safe needs the right material. We often get asked where to buy lightweight foam for leisure and promotional games.

The flexible foam experts

At Universal Foam Products we are the foam experts. Our range of EPS foam is used in everything from freeway construction to swimming pools. For other projects our Ethafoam product is flexible and light enough to be used for promotional games and leisure.

Fun props for sport fans entertainment

At the University of Arizona, ethafoam from Universal Foam Products certainly brings the fun to halftime entertainment. When the Arizona Wildcats basketball team takes a rest, the fans play with two huge dice. One die has six different local restaurant names printed on it – one on each side. The other has different dollar amounts printed on each side. Spectators love throwing the dice, one at a time to see their prize – combining restaurant choice and dollars to spend.

Easy to brand and shape foam

Both 20” dice were made from 2.2 lb density Ethafoam. The product is completely safe to throw around being lightweight, somewhat flexible and practically indestructible. The product is also easy to print, paint and color to mark with your branding or the details of your event. Use the ethafoam to make your props for schools, yard games or other sporting events.

Lightweight padding for athletics and leisure

Elsewhere in the leisure industries, rolls of ethafoam can be used as effective padding for athletic equipment or camping applications.

Take a look at the half-time fun at the Arizona Wildcats game on our Projects Page. Give our team a call today to see how foam from Universal Foam Products can put the fun into your promotions.

20” dice were made from 2.2 lb density Ethafoam