• March 31, 2017
  • eps

Recreating life-size and realistic products for tradeshow props and displays takes creative flair and often a large block of 1lb Virgin EPS foam from Universal Foam Products. At ‘The World of Concrete’ in Las Vegas, one client really made the most of the versatility of how EPS foam can be treated and painted to recreate their product for the show.

World of Concrete hosts more than 1500 exhibitors every year, so making your mark as an exhibitor is vital. Aquafin, a manufacturer of concrete coatings, based in Maryland and distributing throughout the country, wanted to show ‘Before and After’ effects of how their products make a difference. The starting point for their tradeshow booth display was lightweight 1lb density blocks of EPS foam sized at 12” X 48” X 72”. They planned to recreate a number of different walls, blocks and columns – all to look as realistic as possible.

Once cut to size and shape, they were painted to look like the concrete itself. This included effects to look like steel reinforcements and deterioration the concrete. EPS foam can be covered with practically any coating or paint so that precise look could be created. As well as the defects in the concrete, the next step was to show the application of the repair products and waterproof coatings from Aquafin and what can be achieved.
The columns and concrete walls all looked very realistic on the Aquafin stand and were easy to shape, paint and coat in advance by the tradeshow display designers. And being made from EPS (expanded polystyrene) Foam they were then also lightweight and easy to ship to Las Vegas and get set up for the final event.
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