• March 31, 2017
  • eps

Replacing dock float foam can be a tricky task if not planned out carefully from the start. With one-to-one expert support and advice, Universal Foam Products helped a community dock project on the first step to replace their dock float foam. The community dock held 36 boats and organizers discovered that the old foam in the aluminum shells had become waterlogged and needing replacing. This was a significant task for the community; doing the right thing at the right price was vital. They turned to Universal Foam Products as part of their research for the best way to approach the problem.

First step – the customer was given a sole expert contact from Universal Foam Products to make discussing and planning the refit much easier. Over the course of a number of conversations to answers all questions involved, it was decided that ordering custom fit dock floats would be the best option. The order consisted of 24 blocks of 1 lb EPS foam 9.5” x 26” x 47” – all pre-cut before shipping to fit the aluminum shells. The community also appreciated the very affordable price for the dock float foam – another important factor for them. As the client explained, they were very happy at how smoothly replacing the dock floats went, “We opened the old aluminum clad floats, pried out the old water-logged foam, and slid the new custom made foam blocks right into the aluminum shells. They fit perfectly. We will be ordering more to replace the foam in all the rest of the floats!” For custom-fit foam replacements for floats or newly encapsulated float blocks, give Universal Foam Products a call at 410-498-0000 now. Expert advice and affordable prices for your dock, pontoon or floating deck.