• May 17, 2017
  • eps

Getting the flooring right in a dance, yoga or fitness studio remodel is essential. Getting a new raised slab studio flooring right, to fit around a network of existing pipes and columns, is all about the right product. In this case the right product was EPS 12 Geofoam from Universal Foam Products.

Working a raised slab around pipework

The contractors working on installing a raised slab for a yoga studio in Arlington, VA had two issues. First the fill below the slab needed to be lightweight. Secondly, how to deal with the maze of piping, plumbing waste and supply lines that was already there and couldn’t be moved. Our photos show just what the existing slab and floor looked like.

EPS foam blocks slot into place

With advice from the foam experts at Universal Foam Products, contractors chose EPS 12 Geofoam, providing the density and compression strength they needed at just .7 lbs per cubic foot and 2.2 psi compression strength at 1% deformation. The foam blocks were then shipped directly to the studio to be cut and shaped around each section of piping and supply lines onsite. Starting with primarily blocks of 1/2” x 48” x 96”, the contractor built up the shapes required to fit each section using an electric hot knife and a geofoam hot wire kit. The contractors could slab, trim and shape each block easily and slot it into place.

Cost savings for gym and studio floors

Raised slab flooring is a popular choice for gym studios, fitness studios and dance studios. Having an effective way to remodel around the existing floor and building is invaluable. EPS is a low-cost, easy-to-handle method, saving contractor time all round. The floor is in place on time, insulated and ready to use for the satisfied studio owner and grateful gym members.

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